June 17, 2019

Charts to Watch

What ended up being a tough week for the market left many names I was following pulling back m0re than I would have desired but still intact.  While I believe it is always prudent to be looking at stocks from the short side, the longer term trend is still higher.  I think that it is VERY likely that we see the markets continue to consolidate and even lose ground but I think people tend to lose tract of their long ideas during these times and this is when you want to be watching them as if they hold in during the tough times, they should lead in the good.

Below is a link to all the charts and annotated notes.  There is analysis on: AAPL, ACI, ADSK, AMGN, APA, AVP, BAX, BZH, CLF, CNX, DLTR, DVN, FCX, FSLR, GERN, GFA, GGB, LUK, NBR, NIHD, OXY, TTM, X

Charts to Watch HERE!

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