April 19, 2018

Market push and pull continues


The Market: With concerns over volatility in China, weak Economic data, and the FOMC statement, the market gapped down and continued lower throughout the early trading session before marking another big intraday reversal.  After dipping below the 200 day SMA, the S&P managed to rally from over 25 points down to slightly up on the session in intraday trading but then couldn’t hold the gains and sold off into the close. Today’s action is actually a good micro representation of the push and pull in the market this year. As we noted last week, we expect volatility to continue and…

Market bounces but finishes where it started


The Market: An initial gap higher in the morning was quickly sold as it appeared traders were hesitant before the FOMC Rate decision and statement.  After the announcement, the market pressed to new intraday lows but then quickly turned and rallied to new intraday highs before closing at the opening print. Utilities (XLU) led the WSC Scoreboard sectors finishing up 0.84%.  The XLU reached our target support region and is making a move off that support after a long decline but still has a lot of resistance above and will need to show this is indeed a bottom and not…

Yellen sends stocks screaming, dollar dropping


Index & Sector performance 3/18/15 The Market: After the FOMC rate decision at 2pm ET, the S&P 500 cash index rallied nearly 40 points from the lows to the highs and did so, astonishingly, in less than 2 hours but the more impressive move may have been in the U.S. Dollar which moved strongly lower and continued its decline in the after hours tagging 1.10 in the EUR/USD exchange after trading below 1.05 Monday.  The U.S. Dollar has shown remarkable strength on late so it is not surprising to see a give back and considering how far how fast we…

Market churns while XLU heads lower


Index & Sector performance 2/25/15 The Market: Another day of churn as the market continues to grind with an upward bias.  As we posted over at StockTwits we are starting to see a lot of negative divergence setting up on the MACD.  Divergence is not a trigger itself but is showing signs that each move higher comes with less momentum and excitement. Utilities (XLU) was the leader to the downside and a name we recently posted about in the Charts section.   After seeing a lot of people bullish on the name, we laid the road map we felt the Bulls…

EPS helped shrug off bad overseas data


Index & Sector performance 11/20/14 The Market: It doesn’t look like the S&P 500 (SPY) had a strong session but considering the futures were down roughly 10 points pre-market reportedly due to weak data out of Europe and China, to finish up a few points is a strong showing.  Yesterday’s laggard was today’s leader as the Russell 2000 (IWM ) finished up over 1% clawing back most of yesterday’s losses and the Dow (DIA) was helped by Intel (INTC) which gained 4.66% after announcing a dividend hike and solid 2015 expected revenue growth. In individual sectors, Retail (XRT) led today…

Fed helps S&P to new highs


Index & Sector performance 6/18/14 The Market: After what amounted to a roughly 1.5% correction from the 6/9/14 highs to the 6/12/14 lows, the S&P 500 has since rallied and as of today’s close made a new intraday and closing all time high.  The majority of the gains were realized after the FOMC statement and rate decision where the Fed left the rate unchanged and lowered monthly bond purchases by $10B. We have taken a cautious stance on the broad market since 6/6/14 due to multiple overbought conditions across multiple time frames.  While the pullback from 6/9 – 6/12/14 helped…

Monday’s bounce have legs?


Index & Sector performance 3/17/14 The Market: Today’s rally is not unexpected from Friday’s oversold levels and the early continuation to the downside in overnight trading which took us to the low 1820ES levels we were expecting.  Until we see the market get through the 1865-70ES region, this action will be considered only a technical relief rally with more downside/consolidation to come. Economic data to watch for tomorrow is CPI which has core & headline estimates at 0.1% and Building Permits which has an estimate of 0.97M coming off the previous 0.94M. Reporting EPS 3/5/14 Pre-Market:   Analyst Comments:

Next target the 50 day SMA?


Index & Sector performance 3/13/14 The Market: A strong down day in the market but coming into the day people may have thought that would be a result of a poor Unemployment Claims number but we actually saw a better than expected 315K (334K est).  After the report the index meandered higher into the open and then after peaking out above trend line resistance, turned and started what proved to be a day long decline. At 11:30 am we posted on StockTwits that the decline in the ES looked like it had lower to go especially due to the slope…

Analyst Comments

Upgrades - Downgrades image

Since breaking out of a trading range back in October 2013, Alcoa (AA) has been a strong performer gaining over 50%.  With the stock trading around $9.24, Goldman Sachs upgraded AA to Buy with an $11 price target on 11/25/13 and later upped that target to $12 which AA reached in less than 2 months. This action has prompted Goldman Sachs to review AA again and instead of going to a Neutral, they are upping their price target once again this time to $15. We agree with Goldman that it appears AA has more left in the tank but it…

Ben to the rescue!


Index & Sector performance 9/18/13 The Market: The clock struck 2pm EST and it is time for Big Ben and the Fed to put all the recent speculation, at least for now, to rest.  Neither changes to the current $85B bond purchased program nor the fed funds target rate.  That news sparked a near 30 point rally which ultimately closed up 23 points from the announcement. Besides the Federal Reserve rate decision, in economic data we had building permits and housing starts which both came in lower than the previous month and also below expectations but with all due respect…