April 19, 2018

Markets finish up but look vulnerable


The Market: While it was not our expectation, we noted in Tuesday’s NightCap that, if the market extended higher, we would expect the downward sloping 20 day SMA to act as resistance.  If you look at the SPY, this is exactly where the market stopped in early trading on Wednesday and then proceeded to pullback sharply.  While all the major indices on the WSC Scoreboard finished higher in today’s trading, the market looks vulnerable to more downside in the coming days-weeks. Leading sectors in today’s trading was Transportation (IYT), Technology (XLK), and HealthCare (XLV) while the Utilities (XLU) and Retail…

Volatility & Chop continues


The Market: Volatility continues to be the name of the game which is why you can have a 40+ point day like today and still have the S&P 500 within a range/wedge.  While it is possible that we extend today’s rally by gaping higher tomorrow, it is not our expectation and if we do open higher tomorrow we would watch the downward sloping 20 day SMA as resistance. Overall, a light Economic Calendar this week Thursday and Friday having the most significant data points (Unemployment Claims, PPI, and Consumer Sentiment).       Reported EPS 9/8/15 After the Close:  …

Window dressing or more to come?


Index & Sector performance 3/31/14 The Market: The Quarter ends with a nice up session which has some throwing around the term “window dressing”.  While we do not necessarily disagree with the sentiment, we also believe price is the ultimate indicator and therefore today’s action has to be respected.  Otherwise it is ultimately a continuation of the short term consolidation between the highs on the S&P 500 cash at $1883.97 and the 3/14/14 lows of $1839.57. In the very short term the futures appear to be flagging overnight and could look to next target the 1875ES region.  Support is 1862ES…