April 19, 2018

Strong start to the week led by Tech


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QQQ & IWM reach new highs


Index & Sector performance 2/26/15 The Market: More churn today in the markets but again the NASDAQ (QQQ) and Russell 2000 (IWM) showed more strength than the S&P 500 (SPY) with the QQQ and IWM reaching new 52-week closing highs on the session. Crude oil lost over 5% today which helped send the Energy (XLE) sector 1.88% lower.  We noted in our 2/18/15 nightly recap when the XLE was trading above $81 that we would look for a pullback toward $78 as a buying opportunity.  Closing today at $79.35, we would ideally like to see lower levels before dipping into…

Volatility the new norm


Index & Sector performance 10/16/14 The Market: A session like today may look uneventful when scanning the WSC Scoreboard and looking at the end of day changes but it masks the large intraday swings.  An example is the S&P 500 (SPY) had a roughly 50 point range from high to low today (5 points in the SPY) which represents nearly 3% based on today’s opening price.  Traders and investors need to be prepared for an environment with increased volatility which could last for an extended period. The Russell 2000 (IWM) remains the clear leader of late finishing up over 1%. …

Russell outperforms in ugly session


Index & Sector performance 10/13/14 The Market: Another 1+% down day across the major indices on the WSC Scoreboard except for the Russell 2000 (IWM) which finished the session down only 0.42%.  YTD the IWM is still the clear loser down 9.55% but today’s outperformance is interesting and something to watch.  IWM’s underperformance starting earlier in the year was a warning so if it begins to outperform on a consistent basis going forward it should be noted. It does not feel like very long ago when the only down sector on the WSC Scoreboard Was Retail (XRT) but now we…

Merger denied, collaboration approved


Index & Sector performance 7/16/14 The Market: A small up session in the market was helped by solid earnings reports in the morning and a potential huge media merger between Time Warner (TWX) and Twenty First Century Fox (FOXA).  FOXA offered $85/share but were turned down by TWZ.  This sent shares of TWX screaming higher finishing the day up 17.07% as traders reevaluated TWX’s worth and also speculated on increased offers.  In other corporate news, Apple (AAPL) announced they will be teaming up with IBM (IBM) to provide business mobile solutions.  BlackBerry (BBRY) was negatively affected by the news finishing…

Financial earnings remain focus for week


Index & Sector performance 7/14/14 The Market: All four major indices on the WSC Scoreboard finished equally higher in today’s action.  We continue to be most interested in the Russell 2000 (IWM) and the fact that the Small Caps are not enjoying as solid of a year as the other major indices.  We ultimately believe for further gains the small caps need to be involved. In individual sectors the WSC Scoreboard was led by Energy (XLE) which finished up 0.87%.  Also finishing higher on the WSC Scoreboard was the Financials (XLF) which saw Citigroup (C) beat earnings this morning and…

FOMC minutes ease market concerns


Index & Sector performance 4/9/14 The Market: After bottoming and bouncing in yesterday’s session, the S&P 500 futures spend the majority of the overnight session consolidating in a tight range.  This lead to an early breakout, retest, and continuation higher but it was after the FOMC minutes were released at 2pm ET when the strongest gains were realized.  Concern the Fed would be aggressive with rate hikes subsided and traders rewarded the market with 1+% gains across the board with the Nasdaq leading the charge up 1.7%.  Next on the economic data schedule is Unemployment Claims which are released at…

Daily Wrap


DJIA +18.89 (+0.14%) to 13,507.32; S&P 500 -1.37 (-0.09%) to 1,470.68; NASDAQ -8.14 (-0.26%) to 3,117.50 Technically it was a mixed day but who really cares about the Dow?  Today started and finished lower on the S&P but otherwise was very tight ranged spanning less than 6 points from low to high.  Ben Bernanke spoke just after the close but so far it seems to not have any effect as the futures are up less than 1 point after the close as I am typing. Today’s major stock of the day and has often been my stock of the day…

Analyst Comments

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Analyst comments for Wednesday (11/21/12)  See the Upgrades/Downgrades section for complete list Upgrades: LUKOY, THOR, GLRE, WBS, SKX, NRGY, PENN, FRC, FMER, Downgrades: KPLUF, STJ, HTWR, EV, AMX, HPQ, CBSH, NRGM, HRL, HTWR,