April 19, 2018

Watch out for traps


Index & Sector performance 12/9/14 The Market: The S&P 500 found itself down over 20 points within the first hour plus of trading  as traders pointed to concerns over China and Greece.  Throughout the early drop the Russell 2000 (IWM) remained strong down only a fraction of the other indices and then was the first to turn positive on the day.  The IWM’s resilience continued throughout the remainder of the trading session and finished the clear leader. Today’s action certainly feels like another Bear trap where the market looks as though it is about to start a major prolonged slide…

Lots of movement, little results


Index & Sector performance 3/10/14 The Market: Today was a yet another choppy session but for day traders there was a great deal of opportunity.  The S&P 500 emini ultimately moved 40 points between support and resistance while the S&P 500 cash index only managed to close down roughly a point for the day.  Starting with Sunday evening’s trading the ES contract lost ground over night finding support at the $1868ES pivot and then rallied pre-market to the $1878ES pivot.  Playing Pivot Pinball the ES tested the $1868ES support after the open to yet again hold and rally back toward…

Daily Wrap


DJIA  +82.71 (+0.64%) to 13,034.49; S&P 500  +2.23 (+0.16%) to 1,409.28; NASDAQ  -22.99 (-0.77%) to 2,973.70; Today’s action was somehow boring and choppy all at the same time.  While we had some moves back and forth it didn’t encompass the entire day and the other times the S&P 500 showed relatively tight action.  More exciting was the Dow and Nasdaq which had moves more that 4 times the S&P although both closed within 1% of the previous day’s close. Weighing on the Nasdaq today was Apple Computers (AAPL).  More trading than news drove today’s action.  I even saw a note…