March 23, 2018

Daily Wrap


DJIA +80.03 (+0.53%) to 15,040.62;S&P 500 +13.66 (+0.85%) to 1,622.56;NASDAQ +13.16 (+0.45%) to 2,950.30 The looked poised to resume its downward move into Friday’s jobs number but just after noon EST firmed up and started an impressive rally off the lows which also continued into the after market (so far).  From the lows to the close the market rallied nearly 24 points.  In economic news today we had Unemployment claims which came in roughly inline with a 346K number.  As alluded to earlier, tomorrow we get Non-farm Employment data and I have current forecasts at 167K and 7.5% rate. SodaStream (SODA) got an initial pop in…