April 20, 2018

The NightCap


The Market: A lower close for all 4 main indices on the WSC Scoreboard as the Russell 2000 (IWM) led to the downside while the NASDAQ (QQQ) was the relative outperformer. The Retail (XRT) sector was the biggest loser on the WSC Scoreboard followed closely by Energy (XLE).  Unlike some other sectors, the XRT is not heavily weighted in a few stocks and, as of 11/10/15, has no stock weighted more than 1.27% so when you see strong moves up or down, like today, it is due to a majority of the names trading in that direction.  Bucking the trend…

Russell 2000 lags all other Indices


The Market: The Russell 2000 (IWM) was the only index on the WSC Scoreboard to finish lower on the session which was led by the Dow (DIA). Most of the indices on the WSC Scoreboard finished the session higher but HeathCare (XLV) was hit hard finishing -1.33% lower.  XLV remains only one of two sectors still up YTD but was hurt today by comments from Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who, after a privately held company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, announced a 5,000% price increase in its treatment for toxoplasmosis, called specialty drug prices “outrageous” and vowed to lay out a plan to…

Daily Wrap


DJIA +5.22 (+0.04%) to 14,455.28; S&P 500 +2.04 (+0.13%) to 1,554.52; NASDAQ +2.80 (+0.09%) to 3,245.12 Early trading in the S&P was slightly lower but after noon EST made a move into the green and remained there for the remainder of the day.  Today was very reminiscent of the rally in general showing a strong sense of resilience and using any dips as buying opportunities.  If I had to point to something of worry it would likely be some of the volume which seems to be getting lighter in the index ETFs like the SPY.  Also the recent trading has left some indecision…