September 23, 2018

Monday’s bounce have legs?

Index & Sector performance 3/17/14 The Market: Today’s rally is not unexpected from Friday’s oversold levels and the early continuation to the downside in overnight trading which took us to the low 1820ES levels we were expecting.  Until we see the market get through the 1865-70ES region, this action will be considered only a technical relief rally with more downside/consolidation to come. Economic data to watch for tomorrow is CPI which has core & headline estimates at 0.1% and Building Permits which has an estimate of 0.97M coming off the previous 0.94M. Reporting EPS 3/5/14 Pre-Market:   Analyst Comments:

Lots of movement, little results

Index & Sector performance 3/10/14 The Market: Today was a yet another choppy session but for day traders there was a great deal of opportunity.  The S&P 500 emini ultimately moved 40 points between support and resistance while the S&P 500 cash index only managed to close down roughly a point for the day.  Starting with Sunday evening’s trading the ES contract lost ground over night finding support at the $1868ES pivot and then rallied pre-market to the $1878ES pivot.  Playing Pivot Pinball the ES tested the $1868ES support after the open to yet again hold and rally back toward…