May 24, 2019

Market shakes off Greece

Index & Sector performance 2/5/15 The Market: Sorry, no comments at this time but please check back later.     Reporting EPS 2/5/15 After the Close:   Reporting EPS 2/6/15 Pre-Market: Analyst Comments:

Late rally masks tough session

Index & Sector performance 10/15/14 The Market: A very volatile session in today’s trading which saw the S&P 500 (SPY) down 3% before a sharp last hour rally helped the index only finish down 0.75%.  Without that late rally, the SPY would have been down year-to-date at the close.  As has been the case of late, the Russell 2000 (IWM) outperformed finishing the session up over 1%. The best performing sector in today’s session was Energy (XLE).  Like the SPY, the XLE was down much more earlier in the session but finished the session up 0.76% after a strong last…

Week in Review

DJIA +48.92 (+0.35%) to 13,992.97; S&P 500 +8.54 (+0.57%) to 1,517.93; NASDAQ +28.74 (+0.91%) to 3,193.87 Today the markets gaped higher and continued higher closing near highs.  We had positive economic data where the U.S. trade deficit shrank to its narrowest level in nearly three years. I felt the story of the day was one that didn’t really seem to be taking over the headlines but I think it might be a decision that eventually we look back at and say this was a big move that many others followed.  That was NJ Governor Chris Christie will allow the state…