April 19, 2018

The NightCap


The Market: Overall a dull session as the markets remainder in a tight range for the entire day but we expect to see volatility in many individual names as this will be a very active earnings week with many big names reporting.  As always we will highlight the names that reported after the close as well as those scheduled to report pre-market tomorrow but please remember that you can often  look ahead a few days under the Events Calendar section. If an active earnings wasn’t enough, we also have an active Economic Calendar with the FOMC Statement and Rate decision…

How will traders position for weekend?


Index & Sector performance 4/10/14 The Market: Today the market not only took back the gains realized yesterday off the FOMC minutes but also the gains from Tuesday’s session leaving fresh closing lows for the week on a roughly 40 point down day in the S&P 500. With only one day remaining in the week, it will be very interesting to see how trader’s position tomorrow ahead of the weekend.  We have a hard time believing that traders will be anxious to position long going into the weekend after today.  We will be increasingly suspect of any early morning to…

Daily Wrap


DJIA +67.12 (+0.49%) to 13,779.33; S&P 500 +2.25 (+0.15%) to 1,494.81; NASDAQ +10.49 (+0.33%) to 3,153.67 All in all today was a nothing as we started around flat and stayed flat the majority of the day until we (again) rallied into the close after lunch.  After the close we had Apple Computers (AAPL) report earnings which slightly beat EPS estimates but slightly missed on revenues.  The futures dropped at the same time as AAPL reported and started to decline and now stand down about 7 points as I write. Apple (AAPL) clearly is driving discussion after the close and it…