March 23, 2018

The NightCap


The Market: A late day rally helped the market close well off the midday lows but all 4 major indices on the WSC Scorobard still finished down near or over 1%.  Based on the recent action, we expect to see lower levels in the short-term. In individual sectors, Retail (XRT) was the hardest hit sector on the WSC Scorboard with Priceline (PCLN) finishing down over 9% on the session after reporting EPS which beat expectations but guidance that fell short.  We will be watching (CTRP) which is scheduled to report EPS tomorrow, November 10th, after the close — CTRP…

3 strong days higher


Index & Sector performance 4/1/14 The Market: Today’s early action targeted our highlighted region from last night’s update of $1875ES and then pulled back to support near $1870ES.  Later in the day the market made another rally toward and pressed through $1875ES and now resides above in the after hours session.  While we are starting to see some intraday negative divergences develop on the market which provide some caution to the recent strong 3 day rally, we fully expect the S&P 500 emini to challenge the highlighted resistance region of $1884-90ES in overnight or early morning trading.  From there we…

US Government shuts down and gains open up


Index & Sector performance 10/01/13 The Market: The old market adage Buy the rumor and Sell the news is somewhat in affect here today with the markets reaction to the Government shutdown.  As we noted in last night’s Game Plan, with the realization of the shutdown now in affect and the worry of the shutdown gone, short term longs would look for opportunity to trade a bounce.  A gap up was quickly consolidated after roughly 30 minutes of trading and then pressed higher until 12:30 pm EST. After 12:30 there was a roll over which took the index down until…