July 18, 2019

Huge intraday swings

The Market: As expected, volatility continues and while we would not expect 100 point S&P days to become a common occurrence we do expect to see sharp swings both up and down. Our current expectation is that the market will ultimately revisit this morning’s lows is not make new lows but in the short-term the market is very oversold and should stage some sort of rally — not just intraday like today but on a closing basis over a few days.  That rally will be very telling and if weak we could be setting up for much much lower and…

Strong up day ahead of Jobs

Index & Sector performance 2/6/14 The Market:   In the News:     The following noteworthy companies are scheduled to report earnings before tomorrow’s open: CI, MCO, WYN, LH, BPL, APO, CBOE, MSG, FLIR   Analyst Comments:       The Game Plan:

S&P 500 closes at new highs

Index & Sector performance 10/17/13 The Market: The government put the debt ceiling behind the nation….until the beginning of next year.  The temporary resolution should take the issue off the front pages, for now.  The markets started with a gap lower which was quickly bought up and a strong rally continued to build off the 10/09 lows with the S&P 500 posting all time closing highs. In economic news Unemployment Claims came in at 358K vs consensus expectations of 357K so inline and then the Philly Fed Manufacturing index saw a small drop but was better than expected.  CNBC reported…