March 22, 2018

Market continues to rebound


The Market: Stocks continue to chug along after last week’s impressive reversal on Wednesday.  Today was another turn around session which saw the S&P 500 gap down roughly 12 points before firming up in very early trading and then rallying the rest of the session to finish up over 9 points.  Above 2080 in the S&P 500 and it looks like the good times can continue. HealthCare (XLV) was the leader in individual sectors finishing up 1.01% followed closely by Consumer Discretionary (XLY) which closed up 0.96%.  Today’s underperformer was Consumer Staples (XLP) which finished flat on the session hurt…

Lots of movement, little results


Index & Sector performance 3/10/14 The Market: Today was a yet another choppy session but for day traders there was a great deal of opportunity.  The S&P 500 emini ultimately moved 40 points between support and resistance while the S&P 500 cash index only managed to close down roughly a point for the day.  Starting with Sunday evening’s trading the ES contract lost ground over night finding support at the $1868ES pivot and then rallied pre-market to the $1878ES pivot.  Playing Pivot Pinball the ES tested the $1868ES support after the open to yet again hold and rally back toward…

Daily Wrap


(Update officially published to site 3/12/13) DJIA +50.22 (+0.35%) to 14,447.29; S&P 500 +5.04 (+0.32%) to 1,556.22; NASDAQ +8.50 (+0.26%) to 3,252.87 Today the market continued along its climb even amidst some negative economic data abroad.  We had no major US economic news or data on the table so anything could have driven the move but with a lack of true catalyst it seemed the market was happy to continue along it’s recent path of higher.  We still have the negative divergence on the MACD but as I have noted before, negative divergence is not a signal itself and only…