April 20, 2018

Close lower ahead of bank stress test


Index & Sector performance 3/26/14 The Market: Early morning upside action quickly reversed and started a strong sell off which broke the short term uptrend line in the emini, back-tested and then continued lower into late day trading.  Yet again the 1856ES region was a key short term level and now is strong resistance but the emini will have to first get through 1847ES to start and build a bull case, otherwise don’t be surprised to see the S&P test the 50 day moving average which is roughly 15 points lower.   Reporting EPS 3/27/14 Pre-Market: Analyst Comments: Chart of…

Next target the 50 day SMA?


Index & Sector performance 3/13/14 The Market: A strong down day in the market but coming into the day people may have thought that would be a result of a poor Unemployment Claims number but we actually saw a better than expected 315K (334K est).  After the report the index meandered higher into the open and then after peaking out above trend line resistance, turned and started what proved to be a day long decline. At 11:30 am we posted on StockTwits that the decline in the ES looked like it had lower to go especially due to the slope…

Low volume day follows the trend


Index & Sector performance 11/22/13 The Market: The market made solid gains trending higher all day to close over $1800 in the S&P 500.  If there was anything concerning about today’s rally, it was the volume which seemed very light but seeing a market move in the direction of the trend on low volume days is not uncommon. There was not much on the Economic data front today besides some fed speak but Thursday the 21st was big.  Unemployment Claims came in better than expected posting 10K below (323K vs 333K) expectations while the previous week was adjusted slightly higher…